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Concrete Contractor Washington Square

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Drivewway installation completed

When it comes to getting a new driveway in Washington Square, regardless if it’s a new construction or a tear out and replacement, it needs to be done the right way!

Triangle Concrete is the Top Rated concrete contractor in the Triangle area serving Washington Square and we don’t take that lightly! It’s not an accident! We care about our clients and we do the best we can on each and every job we get to help with.

So many people have told our team about the horror stories they’ve gone through just trying to get in touch with someone or even getting a phone call returned…Has that happened to you?

Triangle Concrete is a Veteran Owned company and that means a few things to us. It means you can expect the work to be of a certain quality. It means you can expect respect no matter the job. Big or small.

When you’re trying to improve your home with a new patio or concrete driveway the contractor you choose should be one that understands your vision and what you want to get accomplished. Not someone that’s just trying to cut corners.

Concrete contractors in Washington Square are plentiful..

But please believe not all are created equally! Many just try to do it for the cheapest price to get your deposit only to realize that they can’t get the job done at that price and usually just walk away from the project. Has that happened to you? It happens regularly unfortunately. We hear it almost every day.


What you need to understand as a client, is that concrete is not a cheap thing. You are beautifying your home in most cases and cheap doesn’t mean better. We usually fall in the middle on pricing

New Driveway Replacement

but our quality can’t be matched. Most concrete companies don’t use wire mesh in your new driveway! It’s true. We put wire mesh in each of the driveways we do because it makes for a better product. It will last longer. It will be stronger!

Here are a few things that will help you when talking to concrete contractors

  1. Unless you are parking heavy equipment like tractors and dump trucks on your driveway you are probably looking at 4 inches deep. The heavier the items that will be ON your driveway the thicker you want it.
  2. When the prepping and grading is being done, there will be dirt. Will the contractor be hauling that off or do you have a place to put it? That might help you on the price as well!
  3. Do you have downspouts near the project that you would like buried under the new driveway or patio? This is something small that can make a big difference to the look and feel of the completed job. Not to mention, that if you have a downspout pouring right onto the concrete, over time, that takes a beating. It’s a nice touch that I usually take care of for our clients.
  4. Pricing is going to depend on a few factors that you should be aware of so there’s not a sticker shock. How much grading is involved? How large is the area? Will it need rock? How is the access to the work site? Is it extremely hard to get to or is it simple with plenty of space? This is important because in many cases we use machines to help with the heavy lifting. Will our machines fit and give us room to work?
  5. Because machines are used and because there is demolition in most cases, there will be a mess at times. The good contractors will clean up after themselves. We aim to leave as little mess behind us as possible, but keep in mind it is a construction site of sorts, so dust and things like that are to be expected.
  6. When you get a bid after you’ve spoken with a concrete guy, those numbers are for the project that was discussed. If you have a tiny change here or there that’s one thing. but please don’t be surprised when the price changes if you say I want that “section” over there to be included. Now on the same note, if the concrete contractor says the price is going up after the start and you’ve NOT changed anything???? That’s a big ol red flag! You need to start asking questions immediately.


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Making The Decision To Get A New Driveway

Fresh driveway pour

When you decide to spend the money to get your driveway replaced, that’s a big decision! You want to go with the team that’s going to get you a fair cost, a quick turnaround and superior quality craftsmanship. That’s not asking for too much! It’s available if you want it. Triangle Concrete has shown that over and over again.

Steps To Replacing A Concrete Driveway

We will tear out the current driveway with special care concerning your yard and grass. We want to disrupt as little as humanly possible.

We will remove and take away all debris such as the concrete, ROOTS, dirt, stones…whatever is in the way.

Once that step is completed we will grade the area and bring in rock, if it’s needed, so that we have a hard base to set your new driveway on.

From there we put up the forms to create our border and give us a box to put our concrete in. (This will be your replacement driveway!

Now the fun starts!

We lay out the wire that’s needed for integral strength. (Most concrete companies don’t use wire,  BTW!)

The concrete truck shows up and we get that barrel turning!

We’re going to start filling in the forms with concrete and generally work our way out into the street! Similar to mopping. Lol

From there we smooth it out and wait…and then we wait a little more….

Then it’s ready to start being finished.

We will work it as the moisture escapes and it starts to dry.

How Would You Like Your Driveway Finished? Driveway replaced

From there it’s about the finish you would like. 9 out of 10 times we will do a broom finish and with picture frame borders around each section of the driveway.

Once that’s done, you wait a few days to walk on it and then you send us a good review? Deal?


Again, we take great pride in being the Top Rated Concrete Contractors [CITY] has to provide and we assure you that each driveway replacement or concrete project we take on is completed like it would be at our own home. That, you can count on!


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