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Garage Slab Raleigh NCTriangle Concrete is your concrete slab contractor in the Triangle. There are many concrete slab types and we repair and install concrete slabs, foundations slabs, patio concrete slabs, garage slabs, interior concrete slabs, concrete slabs for storage sheds, spa slabs and more. We have worked with many residential and commercial customers from small to large projects and we are fully insured. If you’re looking for information on how to build a concrete slab, I can tell you it’s probably best left to the professional slab builders. There are many variables that need to be calculated when doing your slab. Even if it’s just a small patio slab in the backyard.

When you are trying to determine the slab thickness you want to ask yourself, what am I doing on top of this concrete slab? Are you building a workshop? Are you parking a big RV? These are a couple things that can get your mind in the right place so you can pick the right thickness for your slab. Usually it’s going to be 4” thick but like I said, if you are doing going to have heavy stuff on top of it then you are going to want to thicken that up to at least 6”, maybe more. The reason thickness is so important is the fact that you don’t want unnecessary issues in the future because you didn’t go thick enough. You want your concrete pad to last as long as possible and this is one way to make sure that happens.


Garage Slabs Raleigh NC

If you’re searching for the best garage slabs in Raleigh NC, then you’ve found the perfect place. If you’re looking for concrete slab for garage cost we can take care of you as well.  Our well trained, experienced concrete installers will treat your concrete slabs projects as if they were their own. We believe hard work, professionalism, quality, reliability, and character matter. We provide superior service at low, inexpensive prices you can afford. We’ve steadily built a reputation as the best concrete company with the best concrete installers in the Triangle.

If you’d like a quote for garage slabs or any type of concrete project just fill out our fast contact form, let us know what you need, and we will get back to you quickly with a price quote.

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