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Being a concrete contractor for over 20 years our experience in the concrete industry gives us a unique position when dealing with new clients. Many concrete contractors will SAY they are going to do something, only to NOT do it when it comes time. Things like leaving out wire or rebar when it was supposed to be added are very common in NC. We see it almost every time we tear up a driveway for a replacement project. But not with Triangle concrete. You can bet that what you pay for is exactly what you are getting. The best concrete guys in Raleigh NC! We provide professional and quality workmanship with a wide range of services from demolition and hauling, installing concrete driveways and parking lots, patios and pool decks, decorative stamped concrete, concrete repairs and grinding, cement patching, staining, retaining walls and more. Please visit our service page to see a list of the services we provide.

Residential Concrete Driveway Services Raleigh NC

New driveway with paver inlays design service

When you need to find concrete contractors in the Triangle you go to Google and search. The great thing is that you will see us there, too. While we provide the concrete, we also provide all the needed services.  We are completely turn-key! Our team of concrete and construction professionals are experienced and dedicated to exceptional results; we also provide our own equipment to complete the job.  Those in search of a great residential concrete contractor for new concrete driveways can rely on our company to take care of the entire project from beginning to end. Driveway construction can be a daunting task for people that don’t do it on a regular basis. Fortunately for you, we do this every day and we are always educating ourselves on the best tactics and materials so that you get the best concrete driveway cost and craftsmanship.

– Sidewalks Service

New concrete sidewalk project - Call to Get a quoteAt Triangle Concrete, we are the top rated local concrete contractors when it comes to pouring the best concrete sidewalks.  Working with clients in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, our contractors are dedicated to excellence not only in concrete driveways, but all types of concrete work.  We provide exceptional quality services at an competitive a price. We not only prepare the concrete and deliver it to the job site, we also provide highly trained and skilled workers and masons who perform the work.  Using our own equipment, we will complete your concrete sidewalk project on-time, on-budget.  We also handle all consultations to those who desire to learn more about what we do and the results you can expect.

Creative Patio Project Service Raleigh NC

Gallery Stamped Patio concrete construction jobOutdoor concrete patios Raleigh NC provide a great deal of relaxation and enjoyment whether used by the family or for entertaining guests. Decorative Concrete patio installers are professionals that will get the job done right the first time. Of course, the same pleasure can be gleaned from professionally installed fire pits, steps, walkways, walls, fountains and other ‘hardscape’ elements that add to the aesthetic beauty of your home’s surroundings. It was a fantastic stamped job. Those living in Raleigh and the surrounding areas have unique opportunities to enhance their natural environment with patios or other hardscape additions installed by Triangle Concrete. Concrete has grown in popularity for use in constructing hardscapes. For example, concrete patios have overtaken traditional wood decks, as well as natural stone and concrete pavers, to become the most desired outdoor enhancement according to a National Association of Home Builders survey released in 2012. The reason for its popularity is that concrete provides durability, low maintenance and cost effectiveness. Furthermore, concrete can be applied using a wide variety of techniques and technologies practiced by Triangle Concrete to create attractive designs in patios and other hardscape additions. People often ask what the average cost of concrete patio would be and the answer is, it varies. It all depends on how large you want it and where you want it situated.

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Get New Concrete Slab Projects Raleigh NC

rear concrete patio jobTriangle Concrete is your concrete slab contractor in Raleigh NC. Triangle Concrete repairs and installs concrete slabs, foundations slabs, mezzanine concrete floors, patio concrete slabs, garage slabs, interior concrete slabs, concrete slabs for storage sheds, spa slabs and more. We have work with many residential and commercial customers from small to large projects and we are fully insured. When getting a concrete slab cost estimate make sure you know how thick they’re pouring. It can vary greatly and make the price go up and down pretty rapidly.

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Raleigh North Carolina home to the capital of the state and is within Wake County. The area known as The Research Triangle includes Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill and is called that due to the fact that it has a very large number of technology and bio research facilities and educational institutions. People come in and out of Raleigh through Raleigh-Durham International Airport or RDU

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“The work done by Steve and his crew at Triangle Concrete was amazing! I had been considering replacing and widening my driveway for a few months. The original driveway was cracked, water pooled up in the back and by the front steps, and there simply wasn’t enough room for our three cars to maneuver without tearing up the grass.

Steve came by, listened to what I was looking for, and quoted me almost $4000 lower than another company! Within a week, the crew was here, tore up the old driveway, hauled off all the debris, set a wider drive and had the concrete poured all in only two working days.

As an added bonus, I now have a patio area in my back yard and a drain pipe coming from the downspout, under the driveway and out toward the ditch.

Triangle Concrete is definitely the family business I was looking for! Thanks for your hard work and showing that you truly care about your customers!”

Driveway replacement in Apex NC before and after

“Could not be more pleased with our new driveway. The team at Triangle Concrete were punctual, efficient, and professional. We will have them back to do more work in the spring!”

New Patio in Knightdale NC

“From start to finish Steve and his crew were pleasant, professional and hard working. We had our patio done this time but the guys will surely be back to knock out our sidewalk and a few other items in the Spring. Stamp of approval!”

New Concrete Patio

“The guys were great and did fantastic work! I will be telling the neighbors they need to use Steve and his guys for the job! Great job and thank you for your service!”

Triangle Concrete - Driveway in Cary NC

Extremely pleased with Triangle Concrete. Steve was great, we had a very large driveway and walkway project at our Cary home. The project was executed skillfully and timely. The grading and new driveway made our house look amazing! Highly recommend!