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Triangle Concrete provides driveway tear outs and replacements. We also do repairs, driveway extensions or even install brand new. You searched online and found us not by accident. We are very honored to be in the listings so that we have the chance to earn your business and show you what real customer service looks like. We answer our phones and we get the job done right!

Concrete Driveway vs Asphalt

Concrete is a long lasting durable material and is the most common for vehicle traffic. A concrete driveway can be installed with a standard gray color with control joints and a broom finish or if you want to add a design pattern without breaking the budget, we can add decorative craftsman lines. Colors can also be added to give your driveway an even more decorative curb appeal.

An addition to adding color, your concrete driveway can be installed and finished to a number of patterns and design concepts such as stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, micro etched, stained, masonry inlays, concrete interlocking pavers, decorative lines and borders to give your driveway a custom concrete finish.

When you’re dealing with asphalt it may be a little less costly in the beginning but it’s much softer than concrete and over time it will sink and not be as strong.

As your concrete contractor we will work with you to come up with designs and solutions for your project.


Triangle Concrete can also help you with repairs of your driveway approach and sidewalks or if you want to widen your approach.

Included :

Project management :

In order to get the job done the right way the first time you need a plan. Having a plan allows us to execute all the moving parts in a way that gets your job done quickly and looking like what you had in your head. That’s the goal each and every day!


 Your driveway is the entrance to your home and a quality, durable surface will add value for years to come. Make sure you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision about your driveway installment. Concrete driveways are becoming more and more popular by commercial and residential property owners who want a specific look to their driveway but do not want the expense of pavers. Concrete is a durable alternative to asphalt and, with proper care and maintenance, can even last longer than asphalt.

Concrete can be enhanced and colored from light to dark, to match the exterior of any building and the preference of the property owner. Our driveway contractors have been servicing the area for years, and our work speaks for itself.

At Triangle Concrete, driveways are one area we specialize in! Residential and commercial clients in the Triangle now have access to great concrete contractors!  We provide exceptional results for those who desire excavation and concrete driveways, parking garages, shopping centers and more.  Contractors in the Triangle can trust our highly skilled craftsman to perform quality work and complete your project on time and on budget.

We provide a wide range of concrete services including concrete foundations, structural concrete slab, concrete sidewalks, architectural precast concrete, reinforced concrete construction, and more.  Our concrete driveways contractors can handle any project from the simplest to highly complex.

In order to be completely satisfied with your concrete driveway, uniformity is critical.  Edges should be perfectly parallel with any sidewalks and the foundation of the commercial building or structure; proper drainage is also key so that you do not have issues with standing water.

Today, concrete driveways are much more than a slab of solid material.  Depending on your application, a driveway or parking facility can be decorative and add great beauty to its surroundings. Triangle Concrete will complete your project on schedule, and on budget.  We are the qualified solution for residential customers who want outstanding results at a competitive price. In order to get the cost of a concrete driveway we'll come out to your location for FREE and take the measurements that are needed to give you a proper bid. Then based on those measurements we'll give you a new concrete driveway price so that you can make an educated decision. And just so you know our bid is what it's going to cost. The only reason that our quoted price will ever change is if the scope of the work changes dramatically. Usually we can do the small things at no additional cost. 🙂 Like I said, we're here to earn your business!

When it comes to the thickness of your new concrete driveway you will typically see 4'' to 6''. If you have normal cars or even a truck 4" is going to do great for you. If you, however have a RV or very large and heavy truck you are going to want to increase your driveway thickness to at least 6" to account for the extra weight and stress you will be putting on it. Either way is just fine and we'll be there to guide you through the decision making process as to what's best for your particular situation.

Driveway replacement - 2 Days (1 day to prep and 1 to pour)(Many times we're able to get it in 1, but to cover our butts we'll say 2 here.)

New Driveway on Dirt - 1 day based on size

Driveway extension - 1 day

We try to be the least invasive as possible. We don't want to disrupt your home any more than you. So, we move with purpose and get you done as quick as can be while stillproviding an excellant product!

When it comes to choosing the right concrete contractor to do your project please take into account the reputation and quality of work around the area.

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