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New and replacement Patios

Triangle Concrete installs concrete patios. If you’re installing a new concrete patio, extending an existing patio or need concrete repairs we are here to help and you will get the best concrete patio cost in the Raleigh Durham area. Your concrete patio is meant to be enjoyed and a place to relax or entertain. If you’re installing a new concrete patio or repairs to an existing patio, we can provide you with design options for your patio project that are both attractive and functional.

We have completed many patio projects over the years, any where from standard concrete patios to decorative concrete patios. A decorative concrete patio can rage from stamped concrete, color concrete, exposed aggregate, masonry inlays such flagstones or bricks and more.

As your concrete patio contractors in the Triangle we provide many services to help you through your project.

Standard Patio vs Decorative

From smooth flatwork to stamped patterns and intricate decals, we deliver high quality outdoor concrete work for your commercial or residential location, whether it’s a patio, walkway, pool surround or path.

Included :

Project management :

In order to get the job done the right way the first time you need a plan. Having a plan allows us to execute all the moving parts in a way that gets your job done quickly and looking like what you had in your head. That’s the goal each and every day!

 Your patio is likely the hangout spot in your home and a quality, beautiful and durable surface will add value for years to come. Make sure you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision about your patio ideas so that we can get you the look you're going for. Concrete patios are becoming more and more custom with residential property owners who want a specific look to their patio but don't want the expense of pavers. 

Concrete can be enhanced and colored from light to dark, to match the exterior of any building and the preference of the property owner. Our patio contractors have been servicing the area for years, and our work speaks for itself.

At Triangle Concrete, patios are one area we specialize in! Residential clients in the Triangle now have access to great concrete contractors! We provide exceptional results for those who need the best.  We will complete your project on time and on budget.


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